Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bangkok 01

I'm Cocobear, jie jie's travel partner when she was at China and HK. Since jie jie's going to write about Bangkok from a girl's perspective here, then I will write about Bangkok from a bear's perspective. hehe..
I'm so happy because I get to travel Southeast Asia this year so that I don't have to be trap in the house anymore
It was a lovely morning when she drag me out of the bed and keep me in her backpack.

We arrived at LCCT very early in the morning because daddy has to go to work and we were lazy to take the public transport with all our luggage. Blehhhh. We had breakfast at McD. Xy jie jie said I can't complaint much because I'm not paying a single cent for this trip. =P

Xy jie jie feeding me with her sausage McMuffin.

Me with their boarding pass. We had a few hours to kill before our boarding time. It was a long wait.
I helped them in writing their departure card once we got them from the air stewardess.
After two hours on the flight, Bangkok welcomed us with the big sunny weather! Unfortunately, I can only stay in the backpack because I smuggle into the country illegally without a proper travelling document. Hence, I need to stay inside the backpack all the time. The weather at Bangkok was very hot. I feel like removing the fur from my skin and I wish that I was a furless bear :(

The two jie jie met up with their friends and took a taxi to their hostel. The taxi fare cost around 300 Bath to the hostel. Yes, they stayed at Lamphu Guest House which is one street away from Khao San road. It was pretty quite at night so that they can rest well.
Ohhhh..this is their first room at Bangkok. Due to the very hot weather, they can't bear to stay in this room on the first night. The room cost 400B per night for a fan room. The room was very clean and comfortable despite the bad air circulation. They had to share bathroom too. The bathroom at Lamphu house was different from what we had in China. The men and women shared the same bathroom. So, it is common to see a guy peeing at the cubicle next to you while you are brushing your teeth. The cubicle was doorless k? close eyes
After they refresh themselves, they took another taxi to Siam Center(75 Bath). Our first stop was MBK where we took our lunch.
At MBK, you can claim your free ice tea from the food court. I took a sip and thought that it was too sweet for my liking. I prefer my honey better. We didn't dined in there because it was too expensive and all the food served were western cuisine instead of authentic thai food.

 We visited Jim Thompson House which is located near Siam Center. We took the map with the picture of Jim Thompson House and pointed it to the locals to ask for directions. Since they can't understand english, we had to use hand gesture instead. They paid 50 Bath for admission because they were all students and below 25 y.o. Of course, I went in for free. =D
 We were not allowed to take pictures inside the house. Hence, we can only take pictures outside the house. They provide free guides too for detailed explainations of the house.
 In front of the court yard.
 I must take a picture too. With the beautiful flowers of course. heheee
From there, we walked to Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. It is a must visit place for those who love arts. They had exhibitions and some interesting cafes inside. We love the environment inside there. The students there look so korean.

The architecture students were having some exhibition on buildings built on different concept. I wish I understood what they were trying to tell. Being a bear, I know that I need to take pictures with the buildings model. I'm glad that I can find something of my size.

It starteed raining when we came out from the center. We took the over head bridge and walked to Siam Paragon instead. Jie jie was looking for the Naraya flagship store. They spent almost one hour inside there and I almost fall asleep inside the backpack.

They actually went beyond their budget at Naraya. There were so many beautiful dresses and blouse at the street near Siam Center. However, they didn't stop by because they will be going to those wholesale place on the next two days. Xy jie jie were saying that she regretted not buying the flats from there. I think Siam Center is a good place to get korean style clothing and accessories.

Later at night, they took the tuktuk back to KhaoSan Road. They paid 80 Bath for the ride. Not that bad huh?
They spent the night walking through Khao San Road and getting know some backpackers there.
That's all from day one.
Hope you will like me because I will be writing for the next few months of travelling. *grin*


ryn said...

i like u bearr..write more.

IuhniX said...

Thankyew. I think I will need my own ID soon :D

Jeff Chuah said...

Interesting way to blog about your travel...making me wanna get one as my travel companion...haha

BTW, my cambodia trip has been updated! Have a look! In Phnom Penh, I stayed in Sambath Phal 1 Hotel I think, somewhere near Central Market and in Siem Reap, I stayed in Ancient Angkor Hotel. The hotel in Phnom Penh is much better in my opinion.

Nava.K said...

Lovely courtyard with awesome nature.

IuhniX said...

Jeff, you should get in when you are at Bangkok!

Thanks Nava.K! :)