Monday, July 4, 2011

Bangkok 03

Arlowwww. I'm back.
I'm getting more hardworking now because I have 10 days worth of trips waiting for me to write. Can you please stab me right naooooo?  Why can't I just live like a normal stuffed toy? 
It's our day three in Bangkok and it's Saturday! 
Yesss! How can we miss the famous Chatukchak Weekend market? 
If you are going to book a ticket to Bkk, make sure that you will travel during the weekends because you can't afford to miss this. If you had never been to Chatukchak, you had never been to Bkk! As simple as that =)
We took  bus No.3 or No. 9  from KS Road to  Chatukchak. The cost is 12 Bath. Or you can take the BTS train to Mo Chit Station.
Don't ask me where to get down. It was the last station I think. You just need to constantly check with the ticket conductor. =)
Since Chatukchak only start at 10am, we went to Ow Tor Kor which is located near Chatukchak market. You might wonder what is Ow Tor Kor? It is one of the wet markets in Bangkok. We love visiting local market to observe the daily life of the locals. And food too! Too bad a bear can't eat in the market. 
Jie jie doesn't know the exact location of this market. But, it is located next to Chatukchak weekend market. She just ask 'Where is Ow Tor Kor?' all the way and the local just direct her to the right place. It is located near a subway station if I'm not mistaken. 

From the main entrance, you just need to keep walking until you see food! Lots of them. *droooool*
Can you see those red color sauce? It's curry and cocobear doesn't like them although they look like honey. blehhh 

All my travel mates thinks that Ow Tor Kor is the right place to have breakfast. I guess I have to second them!
More desserts! How can I not fall in love with this place?
And fish.
Grilled Banana.
 Can you spot the huge cuttle fish? Too bad my sistas doesn't like them very much. It tasted too rubbery.
Giant Prawns that cost 950Bath. Basically you can find lobsters and crabs at a very cheap price.

Their breakfast of the day!
After lunch, they proceed to Chatukchak Market for shopping! That place is a heaven for everyone! I heard some uncles saying that they spent their whole fortune in the market. Hik hik. That was so funny. Basically it is a place for both genders because they sell everything there. Shirts, shoes, house ware, pets, decos, souvenirs and etc. You don't need to go other place to shop when you are in the market.
Jie jie say she miss the RM10 leather bag, the RM5 t-shirts and RM10 shorts. I think she will never shop in KL again if she know that she's paying triple price for the same stuff. =D

I'm glad that I don't have money or else I need to declare bankruptcy too.

They don't have much pictures on Chatukchak because they were busy shopping. Me, the only available bear doesn't know how to operate the camera either. Sigh 
Let me show you a few pics from the market. 
By the way, I found new friends there ! 
 Don't you think that the floor mats are beautiful? I shall convince momma to go there and get some for our home.
 Puppies! They are so cute. Too bad we can't bring them back home.
 The two jie jie bought a few shirt from this shop because they are so cute. They were tempted to buy the daddy, mommy and daughter t-shirts. Did I mention that everything are hand made?
 That's all from Day 3. Are you ready for our last day in Bangkok. *flex fingers*


Lindy said...

Yes, I agree. If anybody is going to Bangkok, they have to go to Chatukchak Market. lol. MUST GO!! :)

IuhniX said...

I second that! :)

yuliang11 said...

the prawn looks good!