Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anger. Frustration

I was at the college office the other day.
I think it was my 90248293843 times there asking the same question all over again.
"Why on earth am I still not registered as a resident of my college?".
I couldn't access to the internet with my own ID and password at all.
They gave me the same stupid reason every time.-There's problem with the computer system.
They charged me for all the accommodation fee and still I'm not registered as a member yet?
How can the uni charge me for staying in the dorm when my status showed that I lived outside the campus?
It doesn't make sense right?
It was very difficult to control my emotion. I wanted to scold the staff so badly and yet I know that I'm screwed if I did that.
Anger turned to frustration at that time and I knew that I can no longer hold my emotions anymore.
I felt the tears on my cheek. 

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thomas said...

try talking to someone higher up.