Monday, September 5, 2011

Bangkok 04

Phewwwww. I've finally reach the last day of our Bangkok Trip.
Do you know that I have a new outfit already? What? You don't know about that? Read here pleaseeee.
I'm a handsome bear now. *smirk*
Okay..I better not run away from the topic. I shall focus. I'm a procrastinating bear. Did you read my previous post? How can you missed that? You can find them here, here and here.
We wanted to be in the floating market on the fourth day of our trip. Jiejie did her research and she found that there's this hidden floating market in Bangkok which is very famous among the locals. It's called Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market. The place was introduced by the local.
But when we ask for the common name for the place, most of the people don't know anything about it. fol 
Then, a CSer told jiejie that the common name for the place is 'Bang Khun Thien' Floating Market, which was a mistake. :( BKT actually meant 'Wat Sai Floating Market'. sigh 
We took a taxi there.
There's a lot of stalls before the river but they didn't take a look at them because they were super hungry. I don't need food anyway. *shrug*

The problem of going to a local floating market is that the vendors doesn't speak Thai language. Hoho. Luckily jiejie actually brush up her thai language.And there's an aunty who can speak mandarin. She became our translator in the market. hehee..
Look at the food they had!
Jiejie's favourite Chae-In. 

After our breakfast, we can't wait to explore the floating market. Unfortunately, we were conned by the boatmen. Not only he charge us at a high price. He didn't bring us to the real floating market. stupid uncle ! He only want to bring us to those crocodile farm where he can earn some commission. Who needs to be in Crocodile farm when we have it in our country. *curse that stupid boatmen*How I wish I'm a bigger bear.

But, I can show you pictures of the local neighborhood instead.  The weather was super hot that day and it was very bad for my fur.
Let the picture do the talking k?

With this picture, I will end my Bangkok trip post!
I'm so sowie for the delay. Where should I blog about next? Any ideas? =))

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