Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm not dead. yet

but soon.
I remember my seniors once told me that final year should be free and easy. I start to imagine how easy life is after I learned that during my third year. I start to think how should I make my life more interesting and meaningful when I have nothing to do at all. We will only have few classes per week and we are suppose to have more fun before graduation! It's like the most ideal situation! How awesome can that be?
However,final year is not how I imagined it should be from the start of the semester. Every lecturers expect us to be very free and gave us tonnes of tough assignments. If everyone requires us to write a mini thesis, we will end up writing a whole thesis ourselves by the end of the semester.
Talking about classes. Yes, I can have less class if I don't sign up for language classes. I mean two language classes. I'm not complaining because if I can do well in these two languages, I can pull my CGPA score higher. That's the idea. Besides learning a new language, I can do something good for my academic good. That's the glamour side of learning languages. But when I see it from another perspective, taking language classes means I have lesser time for my thesis preparation, it also means that I need to spend more time on memorizing the grammar and vocabulary. Not forgetting sitting for extra papers too. When I first pondering if I should take it or leave it, I questioned myself. If I can survived 27 credit hours with so many co-curriculum activities, how can I not survived 20 credit hours with a thesis? (I think I'm quite naive about that)
The result of it? I have a draft to submit on Thursday and I have done nothing about it. I have a conference to facilitate in the end of the month and everything is still in planning state. Plus, I'm going to sit for two midsem exam next week. Every time when I leave my home for Uni, I felt a sense of depression in my heart. I seriously think that Monday is the worst day of the week and Thursday marks the end of everything.
p/s: I'm sorry if I complained to much but if I don't blog soon, you guys will be disappointed with a-not-updated-blog. Plus, I need to remind myself why I chose to do so many things in this semester compared to being a laid back person.
I will do a proper post soon. Maybe travelogues. =)

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sYiMieKiTTy said...

yeah...student's life :)

agree with ur statement..'monday is d worst day of d week'...

n i really like friday!!d beginning of weekends :D