Monday, November 28, 2011

A fruitful day.

I volunteered myself yesterday at 'The Red Carnival'. It was a great experience as I learn and gain new knowledge and get to ponder a lot. Basically, my role is asking for donation from the public which is very similar for what I did in my secondary school for 5 years. This is much easier as we have very short working hours. Yes, we don't get paid but they offer us lunch. One man came up to us and asked if we were paid and he was surprise that we didn't. The conversation went like this. Man: Can I ask you girls a silly question? Us: Yes, you may. Man: Are you people gays/lesbians? Us: Errr no. We are not. Man: Ohhh. thank god. I was worried that you girls are lesbian since all of you volunteered for this event. But if you are not, why are you here? Us: We just want to help out. Hello uncle? Why are you judging us like that? Why is everyone looking at the surface only? The event wasn't about sexuality. It's about creating awareness about HIV/AIDS. They should be happy that someone is actually doing it since the numbers is soaring in our country. I think it's the mindset of our community and we need do something about this. When we were asking for donation, some people just walk pass and ignore us. Hello? Even your one hour parking fee at Sg Wang cost a lot more than that. People should at least acknowledge. Despite the unhappy encounter, everything was good. We actually told the man not to judge the people. We are not there because of who we are, we were there because of what we want to do. I'm glad that I've learn more about the community and I know that I will be helping out again next year if I'm around. Last but not least,a picture of us from the event!

Signing off.

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