Monday, February 6, 2012

Random 38

When I was working last weekend, the question keep coming to me.
"Why am I doing this?"
"Why am I standing here while I can actually enjoy myself out there?"
"Why am I holding this for so long?"
Then, I remember the reason behind it. The motivation that push me so far.
Working during the weekends is not easy at all especially when you have class on Monday.
It's like a marathon run. I've been practicing it since May last year but it's not easy when you have a morning class on Monday after working for at 8-12 hours the day before.
And yet, I don't complain. Nobody force me to work.
It was the same feeling when I was involved in A in the first two years of my university life.
The same feeling I had when I was staying extra days in uni just to attend my language courses. 
Hence, I remind myself 'Remember the reason why you are doing this.'
Nevertheless, it keeps me moving. I shall continue till I achieve what I yearn for.

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