Friday, March 23, 2007

Gross-rat dissection

rate : 18 PL

It is easy to cut the rat but the smell is damn nauseating..We don't have to kill the rat because its dead and formalized.We have to bathe it and scrub it's body before we dissect it..The rat is about the size of a ruler,yellow in colour(it suppose to be white in colour)..I got 2 male rat ..there is not much diff between the female and the male rat though except the lower part..and their kidney is the size of the red bean..can see their phesis also..haha..Some of the rat hands and leg hardened already and I can still hear their bone cracking(like the sound you hear when you tear ur chicken wing) when I want to pin them on the board..

The female rat of the rat is pregnant..This is the phetus..
The respiratory system..The guy is holding the thorax which is connected to the lungs..
Soong's masterpiece..on chan's lower arm

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Sing Tian said...

the last picture looks awesome.
hmmm...chan must be lucky.