Saturday, March 17, 2007

I want more..

Monday-playing water water with ah mee after bio tuition..Ah mee start the game first...Well, the story goes like this..Ah mee din close her bottle and water is dripping and kena my shorts..Then, Beverlyn was laughing because my short is wet and it seems like I "terkencing"..What I did is I splash water on Ah mee and kena her pants..Then, she did the same to me, but my shirt is all wet..I can't run faster than her..and this is what happen.
Tuesday- After my chem kelas tambahan, went Lake Garden to do the "quadrat" thingy..Lin Siew and Y lyng pretending.
Wed- I waited for my mom for 40 mins at Dr.Mess's place..I'm so boring and start taking pics..
Thurs - The bear after bathing..He just had his annual bath.. Sat- I'm getting fatter..I went to Levi's store yesterday and my ex-boss saw me..Her reaction was "Why your face so round adi ? Your arms look bigger also.." The other girl standing near the counter was laughing at our conversation..Sigh..malunyer
- I slept at 2am..I chatted with monkey, Darren and Chin Sean.Darren claimed that the bear is not clean enough..I brain-washed him to study acc and I convinced him Ms.Sharon is good..Monkey sent me videos regarding to his trip..

*school starts tomorrow and I desperately need more holiday !!


ryn said...

sounds like a fun week:P

Sing Tian said...

busy week busy week.