Thursday, March 29, 2007

hating meetings

Last time, meetings used to be fun..lots of fun..I hate kgv now..They have dumb meetings, inorganized people, only-know-how-to-talk people..This is why...

First meeting : The librarians' meeting

We kena bombarded by Kak Nisha (library assistant) because most of the librarians are not doing our duty.

She bombared most of the AJK except the turtle girl (Ms.President)..phew..Ah Mee and I gave her a nickname..She is kind of like the Buddhist patung sembayang(shen zhu pai) and her tempat sembayang is at the library counter..waiting for people to sembah her..praise her like a guys might be wondering why we called her the turtle girl ?

I hope you will understand the diagram above..Sorry for being mean..I hated her so much..Every time teacher asked her to do something, she will come and look for me and ask me to do it for her..pandai kan ? I really can't stand her...
Second meeting : Interact Club meeting
It was so obvious that the meeting is in a mess..Only upper six members appeared..I feel shalini and tsw very cham sometimes..The georgians just keep pushing all the work to us..The president(georgian again) refuse to phone the cw's president..She asked tsw to do it..In the end, Shalini is doing it..Tsw asked the president to ask the teacher advisor something regarding to the I.U day..She insist tsw to go alone and worst still she can't make her own decision..When we asked her to make a decision, she said I can't think without the two girls..this and that..she gave tonnes and tonnes of excuse..
oh yea, I'm the o.c for the I.U thing..after discussing with may lyn, shalini, chan and tsw...May Lyn asked me to give a try..and tsw say he will back me up (hope so ler..)..
** p/s: I think Josh Duhamel (played Danny in Las Vegas) is cute..haha..omg ! Don't ya think so ? haha...omg

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Sing Tian said...

speaking of Thelehaeswary (turtle girl),i have lots to comment. we ( chan, may lyn, phong and me ) used to call her leng lui bcos her undeniable beauty that knot be compared to miss world.she's super beautiful! *ehem* give me AN puke.

physically, she looks like she has some serious sickness.she walks to sch everyday from terminal one, yet, she still looks gigantic.
when she sits, she looks like an onion. her big ass...wooohooo...
i cant stand her.she sneezes like a sick potato.I'm not making stories, you girls have to trust me, i dont know why...but she sneeze 5/6 times continuosly each time EVERY SINGLE DAY! i pity her, but still annoying.
she used to be the KEtua Kebersihan for my class.but she's always sick when it's her turn to sweep the floor.Asked her to clean the curtain, she said her mom will scold. ya right. so we FIRED HEr.hmmpph.
well, sometimes i dont understand why her thin legs ( consider thin for her ) can sokong her HUGE body.
you want to know how she looks like? use something like a cylinder with 10 cm radius for her body. and put two straws at the bottom for her legs.
now you can see it's quite impossible for her legs to sokong her huge body right? hahaha.
i think i shud blog about comment is so long...