Friday, March 30, 2007

random 01

How do you expect people to bring something when you don't make an effort to remind them ?? Do you think everyone has good memory power as you ?? Think twice..please don't give me stupid reasons like "I don't dare to remind you ; I thought you remember" ..If you need the thing so badly, you should remind me..

Dear friends, I think I'm very forgetful now..For example, I remembered to rearrange my bio file..But, after I finish my homework, I totally forgot bout it..same goes to my other subject...I'm like an old lady now..with poor memory..maybe I should "buy" a new memory card with a bigger space..I wish I could do so(in my dreams)...I think I have to bring a note book with me all the time to jot down everything is need to be done...yea better...iuhnix turns old ! *sob*

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