Friday, April 6, 2007

another friday

sigh...No more school holiday on "Good Friday" anymore..KGV is a malay school and they really babi sometimes..

Today, the school counsellor - Ms.Lee invited a chinese guy from dunno-where (He was in MMU and Harvard Business School) to give a talk on "character building". How was it ? erm..That guy really can talk, at least most of us do pay attention on what he is saying..He used a lot of hand gesture, emotions, and he is funny ! The way he shared his thought is Mr.Elangovan ? yea..kind of..I think the guy looks a bit like Mr.Ng (math's T tcher)..

NS has a new state library !! more comfortable but the environment is a bit noisy..can hear tamil song and malay song ..irritating


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

i love that guy! too bad he's married.teeeheee :P

and im going to kick that no-fashion-sense miss lee bcos i saw her Flirting.she gave that flirty smile. *bluekkkkkkkkkkkkksss* puikkK!
not only guys will die bcos of that smile, i think girls will die too.

must ask cwh to jaga his gf!

IuhniX said...

i think cwh can't control her..
coz cwh has only 60% testosterone..not enuf for her..