Monday, April 2, 2007

from sban...discovered something *shocking*

Well, I came back yesterday night. I finished some paper work just now..hehe.. "curi tulang" for a while...

yummulicious ABC !! erm.. RM 1.60 per bowl only ! I uploaded this for kai jia haha..

cute 乐乐 !

乐乐 again..
She is cute and adorable..when I asked her what happen to her hand (she has plaster on her wrist)..She answered : 乐乐的手痛痛 , 乐乐 打针 (lele's hand is pain, lele just got injection)..She is just 2 years plus anyway..She loves to write..

back home,

suffering from osteoporosis

Flora getting fatter..see her tummy ?

okay..about the shocking thingy..I just realise that our MUET exam is on the same date as the ACS RC's enrolment day!!! yea..28/4/07.. awww...I can't go back this year, but I think I will go to the gathering night... *sigh*

1 comment:

Sing Tian said...

she is soOooOoo cute!
i want her!

xinhui, we go to the gathering together-gether. Mr.lim will remember us.I'm sure the monkeys already told him everything bout us!