Sunday, April 15, 2007

birthday bash !!

Well, as you people know, our friend kai jia loves suprise very much..Soong come up with this evil plan last two week..We planned everything nicely.Shalini, the meanest girl on earth asked everyone not to wish kai jia happy birthday !! Of couse, kai jia was damn dissapointed because we don't wish her when we see her in tuition or online..We just "forget about it"..We felt guilty and we have to wish Happy birthday to ourselves in the chatroom.. sounds pathetic right ?

On 14/4/07
At 10am...

-making choc pudding at soong's place..we met at 9:00am..then went shopping for ingredients...Jia..sorry for the cooking part..How are we suppose to fry nugget and rendang so early?

Adorable sushi(while waiting for soong)

Party started...

phoong and her longan drink for jia

Chee yang's and his gang present for kai jia-->tuna !!haha..

erm..pang see wen's birthday card

from may lyn and chan

me and shalini after gosipping bout johannes (we miss him..especially when he ...)

me n shalini were boring at ..ahem..start taking pictures

jia and her gor

"Tan Sri" busy watching movie..

bday cake

soong love kai jia so much..haha..

okay, at first nobody want to kacau jia..Then, this gatal girl insisted that everyone must kena icing..ahem !! Her beloved ah gor in action again(saw the red colour icing ?-his creation) ..haha..We poured sparkling juice on kai jia (We pretended to cheers with her, we raised our hand and showered her with sparkling juice)

side-view(We love you jia)

At the end, she has to go and bathe because she is all wet !! sweet and oily..

Our sins :

1. I lied that I have to go to pd.

2. Soong and I pretended to have a fight.

3. I lied to her about the phone call.

4. Me,phoong and soong lied to her this afternoon. We told her that we went to ACS.

5. The guys lied.

6. Chan lied.

7. Kai Jia's mom lied.

8. Shalini make us not to wish her happy birthday

9. Shalini want to make her cry..haha..she didn't cry also..

10. I lied to jia.I told her that phoong, me and soong actually woke up at 6 sumthing to cook to rendang..and prepared all the food.

11. We lied kai jia about calvin's msg and why we were calling her mom.

Conclusion : We made it !! haha..Jia was happy and everything turned out great !! ehhee..

p/s : soong is the best script writer on earth !! u go girl !!

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Kai Jia !!!


During the party, when I was chatting with ah mee, ming jie and calvin..I realized that I miss 5 S so much..not only me..I mean us..haha..We miss Ms.Seow the most !! I was chatting with caryn at the same time..Cal miss u, ryn !!

Setianz !!


ryn said...

i miss everyone....:( miss my gor, cal , jia jia...tiannie, xh..everyone!! fun!! can see jia jia mouth laugh til so big!! cheers girls!! turning 19 everyone!!:P

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

caryn's going to be 19 soon! hehe.
xinhui, i want the PICTURES!
i need a camera! arghh!

kaijia said...

xin hui take dont the picture NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am soooooooooo so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IuhniX said...

kai jia..i dun understand ur sentence..u r asking me to take away the pic or dun take d pic ?? i upload d pic for caryn,beat and gen so that they noe how much fun u had tat nite !!

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

nvm la, it would take another 16549496 years for kaijia to on9 the next time.
so, by the time she corrected her sentence, it would be too late.

ryn said...

haha...i doubt she eva reads t bek...haha
oh yea...dia kata mau blog yea...plz remind her...n rush her abit... if not it be another 24353 years to come...

IuhniX said...

I keep reminding her..I saw caryn wants to read..and she will write..