Thursday, April 19, 2007

pesta muzik


I have no teacher for the whole day except for chemistry...(nothing to be proud of)
In the morning..9 sumthing, I guess..
I felt, I teman wye lyng to find En.Rahop (swimming tcher)....
nah..this is not the important part..
Then, both of us went to the Dewan Sri Setia where the pesta muzik was held....
After talking to kak Nisha, we found a "feng shui" place to stand
After that, I saw Kai jia's bro walked in..I told Wye Lyng that is the Acs's choir team...They sang quite well..
Kai jia's bro actually smiled through the whole performance..haha..

I looked around..I saw Pn.Fong and Pn.Carol..then I looked left and right..I saw Nicholas Hiong, holding the videocam (Luckily I din c him around in K.G.V, if not sure he talk a lot)
.forget bout him....finally, I saw Mr.Lim !! haha..he was sitting behind Pn.Fong !
We watched Acs's and puteri's performance..All because of wye lyng, we were late for our chem class !! *cham*

On the way back to class, I told soong Mr.Lim was Dewan Sri Setia..but, he actually lefted before soong reached there...

Later on, after the recess..I have 5 periods of free period !!! gila ka ??
I went to kai jia's class..played sudoku with her...went to ABK..kena lied by chee yang..he asked me to sit the chair which tan kim piow seated before....and he was so proud to cheat me and kai jia !! sigh..what a fren ??

Okay..I met pn.fong(the sweetest chemistry teacher ever) and here's our conversation....

Me : Hi teacher !
P.F :Hi, How are you ?
Me: so so ler..
P.F : How's kgv ? If you compare kgv and acs, which one is better ?
Me: Of course acs la !! like what soong said : "yan zoi kgv, sam zoi acs"
*pn.fong smiled*

When I meet the other teacher ....

Me: Eh..cikgu (siti zabedah) juga ada dekat sini ke ?
S.Z: ya..ada kompang..
Me: ohhh..
*pn.carol stared at me*

P.C : (looking at me and talking to pn.fong and pn.siti) I think she(me) don't remember me la..
Me: of course I remember are pn.carol right ??
*she smiled too*

see..acs's teacher are friendly...and cool...unlike kgv's teacher..sigh...they are..they are fashion disaster !! and sombong !! If I have the chance, I will let you see know kgv teachers dressed and how they act....

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♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

you better teach your maths teacher (moong hua's ex-student) how to dress.i cant blif moong hua was her teacher bcos they look like they are of same age. wahahahha!

mr.lim??? ohhh, i've had enough of him. he's not cute at ALLLLLL! :D