Saturday, April 28, 2007

me and them !!!

evil girl vs pretender(sigh..take again next time eh ?k ! no excuse !!I dunno y erione's skill so cha) Ei, pretender !! I din put the pic up here ! So, I'm not that evil right ?? haha..She won't kill me !!
foong yan n meee
me n mei chern

me n my beloved nephew !! yan yan thin adi, I fat adi.

p.s : sorrie Mr.Lim's piccc..u guys know n soong got bad record adi..whenever we saw him, he will stare at us..damn malu picc !! hahaa..will try to get for u all later..
But....but !! I went to his house...hahaa..with foong yan actually..We send the out-station students there...beat n ryn, no heart feeling,k ?? haha..
Well, by looking at this can see there are many ppl inside the house.Foong yan and I din go in because the shoes simply stink to the max!! gross !

The models, fashion designer n uss !


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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ryn said...

wassup??? sigh...simple task aso u canot fullfill our dying wish...sigh sigh....

IuhniX said...

sigh..ppl go watch mid-night show with mei chern ar..they went back at 2am...haha..caryn..go find mei chern