Saturday, April 28, 2007

gathering "evening"

Last week, beat beat assigned me a task- take heaps of pic of the gathering night and blog about it..Well, I'm handling up my "assignment" right now..Sorry for the photos quality..It's bad, I digicam's battery "kong-spoil" have to use my hp..d pics sucks, i know..

Decoration : erm...simple and nice..Their theme was love.They close all the door and make the hall very dark..that is why I can't take good pics bcoz my hp don't have night mode..

Emcee -yew yew and mui kim ! Mui Kim look nice with her dress, yew yew was soaking wet !! He sweat a lot and his shirt was transparent(because of the sweat) !!

Enjoy and give comments eh !

The souvenir-simple and nice !

The badge

The ticket

The stage's decor..

opening ceremony

yan yan in the middle..They sang the song named "melodi"

Well, we all hate this dance -"honey honey by cyndi wang"
oh please !Their skirt were super short and when they turn around..gasp !lari cahaya la..
This is the coolest part of the whole event --> Fashion show by Mah Zhen Xiang.He used newspaper to make dresses !! nice..I love Mui kim's dress !!

Mui Kim on your right

some girl, yan yan and man kwan !

half-way through

dance !! nice eh !! The girls are hot !! especially vi leng !!

closing ceremony.They sang 2 song, one chinese song and Kenangan Terindah !

The whole event was quite boring because they keep delaying the performances.But, I think they work hard for it..I can't deny the performance are cunned bcoz they really put a lot of effort in it !They had sleepless night and sleepovers just to finish their work ! quite touching la..They are way better than the previous batch, but not as good as us !! heheheee...


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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ryn said...

me too!! coz i dance=P...muhahha...but i dun rmb wad dance i did...

ryn said...

ooh!!! i did cinderella!! i was chun-ted that time rite!!! perasan....*ahem* but it looks fun....but we re stil the best

IuhniX said...

d fashion show was d best..he is really creative la..can't deny tat

genieve said...

i hate the cyndi's dance.

throw my face only. yuck!

but others look good!

fashion show, really creative.

we are still d best!

ryn said...

haha...r they the girls that we hate...u noe..think they can dance ( the pbc group last time)???????????

IuhniX said...

nop..they juz transferred to acs last year, so..i dun think v see them dance b4

Beatrice said...

Of course we are the best....No doubt in that...With such ahe great committee that year...we can't go wrong....hahaha...Btw, looks fun though...Thanks for the pics...Xin Hui, I am givin you A+ for the assignment...

IuhniX said...

thanx beat !! hahaaa..

ryn said... come we dun have pics last time..not fair..canot look bek on my daib moments

IuhniX said...

ask from cp..i think she has it..because she don't know how to delete pics from comp ! my sis told me !

IuhniX said...

ask from cp..i think she has it..because she don't know how to delete pics from comp ! my sis told me !