Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my math's teacher

I'm not sure if I told you guys about my math's teacher. If tiannie's MUET teacher is a bitch, then my math's teacher is a witch ! She is horrible, terrible, evil and etc.(I can't describe her in words)..Ok, this is what happen. She don't teach properly. She just copy the examples from the text book and she actually asked us to copy the whole thing as our notes. Nvm..I forgive her if she don't know how to teach properly..

Scenario One:
(W-tcher; S-student)
W: Okay, do you have any problem about yesterday's excercise ?
S: erm..question 2,5,7,8,9
W: Har ? I gave you 12 question and you throw back 5 to me ar ? You all didn't do is it ?
S: We don't know how to do..
(The witch start to walk around to check our homework...After that, she will ask her "darling student"[her so-called sons and daughter] whether they can solve the question a not)
This is what happen when they say yes

W: I don't see any problem with the questions. You all try and discuss among yourself.Ok, Let's move on.
S 1:Ei..please lend me ur excercise xxx ...I need to see your question no. xxx..
S2: wait...wait..I haven't finish copying..

We really cannot do the homework she gave yesterday.Almost all of us failed to finish the question.

W: You all forget about the integration already ar ? Your tuition teacher didn't teach you ar ? I don't go for tuition when I was in form 6.So, I don't know how to do !When I teach you all, you people don't listen.When you all failed ur maths, you all blamed on pn.tan..say pn.tan don't know how to teach..this and that..

Me and y lyng looked at each other..and we both agreed that we failed our maths because our tuition teacher,Mr.Ng haven't teach that particular
chapter,not because of we didn't pay attention during math's period..Even if we did,we can't pass our exam also..The most funny part is this, she asked us to memorized all the formular but she herself didn't memorise at all.She has to refer to reference books this and that..and she actually blame us...oh yea ! she does not know how to use a calculator and she don't have one !

Let me tell you a bit about this witch..She has zero fashion sence ! She is 40 ++ but she looked like 50++ to me..disaster !omg !! someone please save me !! She's a disaster!


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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ryn said...

can i have her as my model??haha..she sounds cool..coz u can blog so much abt her and so lil abt mr lim... lolz..jz joking..

u shud award me as ur frequent something abt me..wakkak
joking siow today...quackzzz...

IuhniX said...

hahaa..I will..when I'm free..I will blog about you-caryn..hehe..mayb during the holidays...kekeeee..

Anonymous said...

miss seow's sense of fashion is even worse. she must have learned from miss seow. by the way, do you know there ia a big brown bear in front of your so called good fashion sense school every morning??????