Friday, April 27, 2007

call me mean girl

i love walking in the rain because no one knows im crying-boringgg:
wat cruel girl
i love walking in the rain because no one knows im crying-boringgg:
i shud call u mean girl

I'm quite mean recently...Ever since kai jia's birthday party, I become meaner and evil(kai jia said that)..On the other hand, Darren said the same thing because I bully him a lotttttt !!

Today, I did something mean to chang wai hong..This is what happen..The Science and Math's Club have this rombongan to Aquaria KLCC..Cwh as the president of the club asked me whether I'm intrested to go or not..On Tuesday, tiannie asked cwh to write my name (I said I don't want to go).But, he insisted to write my name on the list..Fine ! Today, he asked me to write down my particulars on the form but I refused to.
Cwh : ei, chong xin hui..write ur particulars..
Me: huh ? I din say I want to go also..
Cwh : don't liddat la..
Me: I can't..I got date on that day(yea right)
Kal-son : aiyah..bring ur date along la..
Me: don't want's expensive
Kal-son : We give you discount..

Kai jia and y lyng were standing there..Both of them batu api la..especailly y lyng..she tambah lots of stuff..Then, cwh asked her to shut up since she is not going..At the same time, kai jia and me said we don't want to go because we don't want to see ppl pak toh there..

Kai jia : ei..don't go lor..go there see people paktoh meh ?
Me: yealo..yealo..We all still single..better don't go..later jlous..
Kai jia : yea..ei..both of us don't want to go adi..
Cwh : aiyoo..go la...
Kai jia n me: don't want la..go there see you pak toh..
Kai jia: Soong wrote her name adi a not? Why I din see her name 1 ? I will only write after soong..
Cwh: Her name is in another paper la..The paper is not with me now..
Kai jia: then ar..I don't want fill the form yet..You show me the paper first..
Cwh : =.=''

(direct translation.So, translate into cantonese urself,k ?)
After all the begging and shouting,cwh got geram and he lost control..aiks..I don't know how to put his expression in words la..erm..his expression is similar to kai jia's expression when she got angry..darn funny eh..We "kek" him until he "zak zak tieu".After all he did, we keep laughing there and I still don't want to fill in my particulars..I'm mean right ? Later on, me and kai jia went to the toilet..Cwh saw both of us half-way..He stopped and he said " san ah ("god" in cantonese) !" to me..
sigh..I really haven't make up my mind la..I think he is desperate because if I don't go, Shalini won't go then Beverlyn also won't go...I pity him sometimes..heheee..

p/s : To cwh, I haven't make up my mind yet..will tell u my decision later..sorrie eh..


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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IuhniX said...,shalini n kai jia were so proud of ourselves that day..haha..