Friday, May 4, 2007

random 02

First, I will talk about my very own way to release stress..

When I'm angry or frustrated , I will..................

1. blast the speaker with simple plan's song such as "Shut up"(when I'm unhappy with some ppl),"god must hate me"(If I did not study for tests or exam) and many more...but not soft music because soft music make things worse.
2. blog in my another blog...this really works !
3. eat chocolate !!! I mean lots and lots of chocolate !!!!! Chocolate makes me feel happy !!
4. play pool or daytona...Racing is a simple way to relieve stress..
5. talk to flora..haha..dai b right ?? But, it works though..
6. (might) use vulgar language =p
7. go online, chat with some of my friends..Some of them are perasann enough to make me smile !
8. shopping spree !! (can't do that so often though)
9. eat,eat and eat !!!!!!
10. cry hard !!
11. phone a friend who understands u and he/she must good in giving advices...

I always use method 1,3,5 and 10..

p/s: I'm blogging about this because I have nothing to blog about this week..So, I decide to share my thoughts !! share urs with me also, k ?? k!

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