Monday, May 7, 2007

why am I so free ???

By looking at those pictures, you might think "this girl don't have to study for her exam ar ?"..yeap ! you are so right..This is what happen ..After I ate my lunch, I onlined for a while but no one was there..nvm..I went back to my "physical chemistry" reference book..I tried to concentrate..Then, I thought of the first-aid team's competition..I tried to call xin yi but I couldn't get her..okay,nvm..I still have my lengjai nephew..I called yan yan and he told me that they are still waiting for the team-test competition..I changed my clothes and drove to KGV as fast as I can..I reached there and everyone were like so tired...guess what ? I spent my whole afternoon there and I went dinner with them !! cp's fault lar..She asked me to go..sigh...there goes my sunday afternoon !

Ah moi in action

Kaa Ee , phui gi and all of us(behind)

we were waitingg

still waitingg...

finally !

We had 1 camera woman, 1 cameraman, 4 photographer(including me)..

When I arrived, yan yan came out and chatted with me..

Me:ei, cp cut her hair adi ar ?

yan yan : of cuz la..She purposely cut her hair because she want to take picture later..

After that, I told cp bout our conversation..and cp was like "aiya..dun "luan luan jiang".I cut my hair for other purpose,k ? I take pbsm pic until sien adi..I don't have to do that" =.=''


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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genieve said...

cp is sooooo random.

i bet she purposely cut it for tht!

i still dun like her...tsktsk =(