Friday, June 8, 2007

The guy is back !

Tim is back to sban for a two days..We met him yesterday at the state library.He memang rajin 1..He went there to study..Me ? Me,chan and soong went shopping at t1 after our lunch..Of course, we dragged xin yi along..After two hours, we went back to the library and we kacau-ed ah mee, calvin and tim..The librarian thought we were having group study =.=''nahs..and the guys thought we have been studying for the whole day in the library
Today, we woke up pretty early because we wanted to play pool..We (Ah mee, me, soong,chan, ming jie, calvin, kal-son,wai hong, chee yang, tim and his gf) janji nak bertemu at 10am..crazy huh ? oh yea..kai jia didn't confirm with me.So, I consider she fong me fei kei..After our lunch, we went to the library (rajinnyer)..I read through a few magazine, kacau-ed mei chern and mandy but did not study at all before we proceed to era walk for karaoke..They sang, screamed and shouted..

Overall, this holiday = boring !! sigh..I'm FORCED to watch 4 dramas to kill my time..This holiday did not go according to my plan because I didn't study at all..sigh..Instead of belajar bersungguh-sungguh, I had evil girl-pretender war, sms around, read others' blog and surf the internet..sigh..I memang young and hopeless adi.. =Þ


waihong said...

you are young???? dun lie 2 urself k? U r hopeless?? i can confirm tat(YES!!!!) wakakaka

IuhniX said... least I'm younger than you !! u old man !!