Sunday, June 10, 2007

the last day of my holiday(warning : it's boring)

sigh..sch reopen 2morrow..and this is what I have done today..
(I'm writing this so that I can kill my time)

I slept at 1 sumthing this morning..and I woke up at 8 sumthing..
I went to bio tuition and everyone regreted because tuition was boring *yawn*
Then, I went to jusco to have lunch with man yee...I dragged ah mee along also..
After our lunch, I met emily and both of us went to levi's..We wanted to see the new diva collection but the stock haven't arrive yet..Being a wu liao girl,I don't want to go home..So, I sit there and chit-chat with Sera..I think I spend an hour there..Later on, I cabut to f.o.s where I bought a short..hehe..I got 20% discount..thanx emily !!
Now..I'm sitting in front of my computer doing nothing..
I think I will read today's newspaper later..After that, I will watch those super bo liao tv show and go online again..
sigh..what a life

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