Thursday, June 14, 2007

random 05

life is short

What is on your mind when you watch a advertisement that remind us to becareful on the road ? Are you aware of it ? Well, yesterday, a friend of Bever met an accident near Mantin. He was badly injured and the doctor told his family that he have very slim hope to stay alive. Then, I was told that he was brain dead. He have rely on machine. yea..because of that, his parents decided to take away the machine and let him go back to god.

Today, after recess, I went back to class. Wye Lyng asked me whether there is any difference between "Josh" and "George". I said no. She told me Bever's friend's bro was George Lim. Well, the name sound so familiar to me..I have a friend named George too. ok..she berjaya to get my attention..I asked her again for the name of Bever's friend and guess what ? She told me his name was James Lim. Later on, I confirm with Beverlyn and omg ! I was shocked...I know that guy..I know the whole family..The guy I have not seen for 8 years was involved in the accident and he was Bever's church friend. The world is small, huh ? James is 18 years old this year and he have a bright future waiting for him. But, he is not given a chance to proceed. He make me realized that life is short. I will never know when am I going to leave this world. Me and wye lyng agreed that we should not give our life to education,we should not be a money -slave,and we should not work for life..In fact, we should live our life to the fullest !! Hence, we will not regret later because we will never know...

p/s : drive safe..remember "biar lambat asalkan selamat"

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♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

James Lim? familiar. hmm....

this is reli sad.

well, i agree that we shall live life to the fullest. anyway, i think the reason i wan to study hard is bcos i need $$$ so that i can live life to my fullest. and also give money to my parents. :)
with that, i'll have no regrets. :D

ya, i dont drive fast! so need not worry.