Saturday, June 16, 2007

random 06

I'm freaking boring now..(dai sei punya..skip school la..)

Since I have nothing to do..I read all my testimonial/comments in friendster...The first person who leave me a testimonial is eric(8/4/2004) and the last person is soong (13/6/2007)..

Then, I recalled what I usually do when I'm bored long time ago..In 2001, phea sun and man yee were the first whom introduce me to "mIRC"(when I was in form one)..thanx to them..I got addicted very soon..erm...I think my case is quite serious la..coz whenever I logged in to #bigmouth..I met old friends and new friends...I mean net friends la..After that..we pandai-pandai create channel pulak..yea..basically, erione I know has a channel..erm..only frens will support each other's channel..unlike#bigmouth..after so many yrs, what I gained is friendship..friends like nic gor, datuk alvin, siew kuan mui, wei wei, darren pretender, monkey lwy, momojojo thl, kevin dd, ckw, wcl, eric, cws and the list goes on....furthermore, irc is the place where I can meet my old classmates(bernie, wei jen n so on)...since irc is so I use MSN and friendster more often..

** I used 2 days to complete this post..I wanted to finish it yesterday but I was bz chatting

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