Sunday, August 12, 2007


*post edited*
At around 6pm, I drove to Domino's Pizza to get the pizza..As usual, searching for parking is a difficult task...I'm very unlucky yesterday..When I saw a parking space, I was too far from it and some people got their car park in there while I'm trying to get there..After I parked my car, I went to Domino's pizza to order 3 large pizza-chicken pepperoni, BBQ chicken and Aloha Chicken..

Then, I went jusco to buy some stuff..I'm quite lucky this time because I found a parking space once I entered the car park..Around 715pm, I drove myself to city park where we held the birthday party..We waited for an hour because the birthday girl is not there yet...Then, the guys asked "are we having the celebration at 10pm? "


At around 8pm, Michelle, soong and the birthday girl arrived..We sang her birthday song..Then, we ate the pizzas followed by photo session..We had a camera war yesterday night because we have 5 digital camera and many camera phone..The pictures will be uploaded soon ..
The Girls

The guys

oh gosh ! hao tim is acting cute !!

soong is same height as david now !

The cake- carrot+ cheese ! Michelle's creation *love it*

The birthday girl

And finally, yam cha sessioN at Siang Malam !

Those who turn up - Me, michelle,chan,man e, may lyn, soong, kai jia, hao tim, ming jie,hang, david, ah poow, chai, yi zheng, shaun and the birthday girl !!

**photos courtesy of shu kien


ryn said...!! but u fail ur lil pic!! i give u a F!!!!!!

IuhniX said...

whaaaaaattttt ?????????
got 5 camera eh...I hav to take d pics from others 1st ma..hahaa..

ryn said... make up test then iwill pass u:P hehehehehhee *cheers*

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

caryn vry naughty. bully xinhui harrr?

genieve said...

i want more pics too!

xinhui said...

I will..give me some time!! I tak puas pun !

ryn said...

hahahaha....not bully...'love oni' *wicked smile*

kaijia said...

caryn learn from hu a? now like to bully ppl so muc liow... luckily i am not te target..... pity xh..... but xh... i wan more pics oso... ahahha

xinhui said...

later eh...waiting for ms.chow shu kien to gif me d pics...

ryn said...

pass liow!! give u B+...*cheers*

xinhui said... kedekut..beatrice is a better teacher !

ryn said...

hahahha...wad she give u?? wakakaka... kedekut so u can improve better next time... if give A then u wun improve...haha

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

hahaha, caryn...good point.
u give her B forever. she will always want to improve. :)

ryn said... n daughter think alikee:P

xinhui said...

sweat !! sweat !! kesian aku..haha..tak pe..tak pe..

Beatrice said...

hahaha....Never mind...I give you A-....

xinhui said...

love ya beat !! hahaa