Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I woke up quite late last saturday morning. I heard my dad's car alarm and I opened my room door..I saw 4 people(I wasn't wearing my spec) and later I heard my uncle's voice..
"what ,they are here ? omg !" I woke my sis up immediately..
"Do you want to follow us to KL and Genting or not ?"
My first reaction was "NO, I have to study for my stpm ! and I have tuition later"
They keep telling my sis and I how fun will they be when they are in kl and genting..well, we can't resist the temptation and we quickly pack our stuff and we went with them !swt ! tak berguna betul punya kita..kata nak belajar..tapi...

Day 1
At Ikea, we had swedish meal !
Salmon + potatoes
While waiting for my cousin..
The best soft ice-cream..100 times better than mcD'sRaye bear!
At night,we had steamboat at "Shabu-shabu". "Ho chak" introduced this restaurant before in one of their episode..Their sauce is unique ! It is made of peanut +spring onion + something else..
Day 2-at Genting
We had brunch at kenny rogger's

and tea time at coffee bean..I prefered coffee bean compared to starbucks!
My pure vanilla
and ice latte
At the mini Japanese Garden
misty genting
I missed raye food !!! My dad went to his fren's house when I was in KL and Genting !! arrrggghh..kek sei me adi..They cooked yummylicious food ! Nvm..I will stay in sban during deepavali !

the cookies my dad's friend gave it to us
and the "paper-wrapped-chicken" (translate to mandarin)
I'm seriously going to gain weight soon !


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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iuhnix said...

hahaha..kata nak baca

david said...

oh gorgeous gorgeous food

im jz too hungry and energy-less to even thinking how lebih of u not to dabao for us

iuhnix said...

hahaha..cannot da bao la..too far adi..nvm..we go eat together when gen come back !

kaijia said...

stop the food posting thing...
cannot tahan la..
will go fat very soong because of u ..

iuhnix said...

very soong ?kai jia..hahhahaaa..