Tuesday, October 16, 2007

suay betul

I woke up quite early this morning..after mandi, I beria-ria want go out for breakfast then join jia at library..
But, I need a house key to get out of my house right ?I searched up and down for it and I tak dapat cari.suay betul..
After 15 mins, I found 1 key and I tried it..
"eh? tak boleh pakai one "
Then, I tried my luck again(after 15 mins) and I managed to open the gate with the key..cacated betul..I put my stuff in the car and I start the car engine..
"eh, why the car engine is not working?"I saw the battery sign on my dashboard
I tried for so many times and I gave up..I called my dad and he asked me to wake for the mechanic to come..I was so geram and I went online while waitng for him..He came around 9:20am and he started the car engine..whaatt ??? the car is afraid of "doctor" is it ?He told me it is safe to use the car and he gave me his name card in case anything happen..sigh..memang malang la..

**I will blog about my trip soon...


david said...

not suay la

its the car

its playing a joke on u


♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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genieve said...

hahahaha..it always happens like that.

everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

but, u gain experience. next time talk to the car..hehe

iuhnix said...

-david : I dunno my car actually have a sense of humour
-sing tian- yeah..I had a bad day !
-gen: talk to the car ?I'll try next time