Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm a tv addict


I'm a tv addict now(I feel so proud).. I watched singapore drama(beautiful illusion) and thai drama(I have to read the subtitles..pathetic kan ?) from monday to thursday. Not forgetting "Blow out" and "American Next Top Model"..I can't resist the temptation la..sigh..I told ah mee that I have to stop
watching the singapore drama but the storyline is really intresting!

I wanted to online yesterday(fri) after watching project runway malaysia..

I switched on the computer after 1030pm and I went online..Then, I saw my sis watching las vegas ! omg! It's the new season and I saw Josh Duhamel (he is hot !hot and hot !) I quickly switched off the computer and joined my sis..swt !
**I love and hate 8tv at the same time..I neeeedddd heeelllppppp ~


gen said...

yala yala. u turned into a tv addicit adi.

like me!

take care and all d best in stpm!

gen said...

wah, msian project oneway?


i thought malays can't dress like tht.


iuhnix said...

yeah gen !! u can watch it from i guess
eventhough they are not talented but the way they talk is hillarious !

iuhnix said...

thanx for the wishes too =)

kien said...

it's time to wake up,dear..
no more tv...hehe..
good luck & all de best!!
no worries, i know u can handle it well..
-luv u-

NOT zhi han said...

i accidentally discovered ur blog!

iuhnix said...

congrats zhi han!