Friday, October 12, 2007

my 100th post !

yay ! This is my 100th post and I'm going to post lots of pic today ! david asked me to post the pics we took with his phone..So, please...please...bear with us ! hahaha..

Soong, me and shu kien online after school..We were chatting and the desperate sing tian kata nak pergi jusco makan..The desperate us agreed with her and we went mandi ! 2 hours later, we were in jusco's sushi king..Mr.David told one of them that the guys are going to jusco too. So, we meet up after dinner ! our plan was yam cha after jusco ! We went yam cha at siang malam...We chatted and suddenly I-forgot-who suggested to go sing K ! We quickly finish up our drinks and we headed to Era Square ! Tapikan, we sang till 130am in the morning ! haha..suprisingly Mr.Panda didn't sing much but Mr.Chai sang a lot last night ! (not forgetting Ms.Chow also)

In the makeup room

At Daily Fresh,

At bowling centre, one guy was shocked when he saw us taking this picture ! haha..his reaction was..omg !

Photos courtesy of me
Then, we left jusco for siang malam..and later era square for karaoke !
When Shu Kien is not holding the mic, she will start taking picture with david's phone...

I told ya ! hahaa..
photo courtesy of david

We laughed non-stop when we played foosball..I thought Shu Kien and I were the best partner ! but *ahem*
Hang and Soong fought(They were partners)..hahaha..I kesian hang because he is a newbie ! but nvm..he manage to catch up later !
We sang, we screamed and we shouted especially when we sang "numb by linkin park" !
and we slept for 2 hours only !
I have to pay my sleeping debts !


david said...

its not my phone

oredy taken over my shu kien


iuhnix said...

haha..mine kena also ! but not tat bad la

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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genieve said...

i am gonna come back and sing!

and rack ur phone with my pics..haha

david said...

oh gin

as if im not prepared for tat "attack"

cheers ... =P

iuhnix said...

We shud get a 2GB memory card then =Þ

david said...

xin hui ... u call those girls who left their comments on top to sponsor ... not forgetting shu kien

its her phone anyway =P

IuhniX said...

hahah..yeah..she borrow u her new phone