Tuesday, December 18, 2007


14/12/07 -celebrating cousin's friend's birthday at Red Box (Perangin Mall)

It reminds me a lot about the form 6 gang !seriously.. yeah.. especially when they sang the songs from BEYOND..

15/12/07- ice kacang at Happyland.

the birthday girl !
16/12/07- "mua chi" making
at the singapore checkpoint
Dinner at Lavender

my ice lemon honey tea

cheesecake..errmm.not very nice though (compared to secret recipe)

mousse cake

mushroom and ham spaghetti

mushroom soup

cheese baked fried rice

Brocolli soup

17/12/07 - I went to my aunt's kindergarden and I took a picture of the mural painting we drew few years ago.I remembered I painted the cow,the bubbles,the coral reefs and..and..the sea !

the piglet is cacated..

19/12/07 - Dinner at Johor Tebrau City's Jusco. We had dinner at Vivo Restaurant

the garlic bread is nice !

mushroom soup

and more spaghetti

I saw grumpy there !
Is this happy? I'm not sure
Snow White is there too ! With Doc and Dopey at her side. You saw the one with a green hat ?That's sleepy..

Last but not least, Merry Christmas people !

*lots of love*



caesium-137 said...

Ha, d food makes me very hungry...
Wish u hv wonderful holidays!

gen said...

makes me hungry.

i wanna eat!

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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iuhnix said...

haha..eat eat and eat ! I'm gaining weight la..seriously