Sunday, December 23, 2007

What course am I going to take in uni ?

I did a test earlier and here's the result. My grand aunty is a career counselor. She matched my personality with the career that possibly suits me .

1. Cosmetology - My first reaction was what the hell is that ? Is it the same thing as beautitian ? She shooked her head and explained the term "cosmetology" to me.I was told that a cosmetologist is a person who carry out research on cosmetics by studying the ingredients and so on but wikipedia told me the different thing.
2. Dietitian - Well, I intend to do dietitian since year 2005. I was suprised that the result matches what I want. It's all depends on my stpm result now.
3. Pharmacy
4. Guidance and counselling -I have a question ! Am I actually a good counselor ? Do you agree that I can help you to deal with your emotions ? please tell me the truth as I need to know whether I'm suitable for this field or not.
5. Real Estate (She has no idea why real estate suits me.I don't know either)
6. Education
7. Social Studies
8. Social Work
9. Human Resource Management


genieve said...

you know. wikipedia is mostly crap. anyone can edit the contents anytime. trust your aunty or the dictionary :)

dietitian. i think its a great field!!! dealing with food and people. can't get any better!

anyways, best of wishes to you in choosing and ya! merry christmas!!!

iuhnix said...

thanx gen..I still have to do some research though..Merry X'mas!! See ya ssooooonnnn