Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the girls are back !

Genieve, caryn and kai jia are back ! We (gen,me,soong, caryn,beatrice,chan,phoong, en ning and yi zheng) had sleepovers at gen's place yesterday. Gen bought Krispy kreme for us (all the way from sydney!).The donuts. I think everyone love the donuts very much.Thanx gen =)
What could we do when we are having sleepovers party ? gossip ? chat ? yeah..don't forget to take pictures !
The two pandas in the morning. Me, caryn and phoong went downstairs at 330am. The three of us chatted till 700am in the morning and we decided to wake everyone up for dim sum ! We called kai jia and wake her up early in the morning for dim sum too..poor girl !
After dim sum, we went jusco *again* for foosball and pool.oh yeah..and bowling tooo !
Calvin merajuk when I took a picture of him. chilling out at gen's living room after lunch
Okay, I got to sleeeepppp nowww ! I'm very tired now..I need my sleep because I'm on morning shift tomorrow..yeah..for the whole week actually.


NOT zhi han said...

i know u r working at jusco!
i saw u!
but but...

My place is opposite the share market .

iuhnix said...

oo..opp prime security ? I think I know where liao