Saturday, January 12, 2008

choc day !

let the photos say it all !

"I miss my life in KGV very much ! I miss my chemistry lesson..I miss my classmates..I miss 6 A Izz ! I miss lepaking at the state library..I miss kacau people at school..I miss eating nasi lemak every thursday !I miss sitting in front of the upper 6 block during recess time..I miss my 19th birthday celebration..I miss those dai b MUET class..nah..I don't miss my math's teacher anyway..oh yeah! I want to hear the mic gang sing agaiN ~"
school is fun !


e l e i d e s s said...

I miss you guys :(

June_SixTeen said... bad la u....miss everything in sch but not PN.TAN....hahaha

iuhnix said...


darrylng88 said...

no miss me meh? haiz... sad sad..

iuhnix said...

u dun 38 la ming jie
might miss you when you go to aust