Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It was 7/12/07

I'm so sorry...I should blogged about this earlier..The pictures is in the other camera and I'm lazy to upload the pictures from the digicam. This explain why gcs's pendrive is with me for a month.
We had steamboat that day and kai jia was the planner.
** We just came back from our genting trip.

Chan and beatrice
Chan and the guys
Chan and the girls(what is poow doing behind there ?weird)

the cake
chan and her parents
They started off with flour !

and eggs !
and more eggsss ..
chan tgh berunding with them..

and the war continues...
water war feat kai jia

water war feat chee yang

Hmmm..I should quote "you jump,i jump!"*laugh*

The End
p/s:The video quality is not that good if you watch it from youtube.Ask me for the videos is you want to.

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