Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Minggu Kenal budaya @ Amin

I spent approximately 3 hours for this event last wednesday and thursday. crazy right ?

The twin tower @ the entrance

I guess this is Mr.Tunku Abdul Rahman
Kolam(not the water-kolam but the rice-kolam) by the committee member.

First, we went to this "kolam" class where we learn how to decorate a kolam.

Then, we start placing the coloured rice to our mahjong paper.

There you go, our kolam!
We finished decorating our kolam pretty fast and we went to disturb the other groups.
and this is their final products.

After that, I went to the tamil class. It's free and the teacher were quite strict
They even asked me to write in tamil language. It's not easy for me to write everything down. My tamil writing sucks.

This was one of the tamil class's teacher.
Last but not least, Inai for RM 1.00 !!!!! It's very very very cheap compared to outside.


G said...

wah! your hari budaya so fun!

can learn tamil sumore!

hhahahaa.the inai is nice lor..

iuhnix said...

but I can't remember what I learn also
masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan

darryl said...

yer.. why mine diff..

masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri

anyway.. i hope this harmony between races will prolong till we all grow older and die

IuhniX said...

eh..same la..They have the same meaning..
I hope so..I can't imagine what will happen if there's no racial integration in Msia..