Friday, August 29, 2008

Fire at UKM ?

Till now, this is still a question.
I was walking to my EST class yesterday at 12pm and I heard this very loud fire siren. I first taught that it was a fire. I passed by the marine science's lab and I saw the lab assistant doing her job there as if there's nothing happen.
"Okay..maybe there's some problem with the fire siren!"I thought.
Worst still, I took the lift up to the 4th floor.(You know la..We are suppose to use the staircase when kebakaran happen.) But, I smelled the smoke the Jabatan Kesihatan normally used to kill the AEDES mosquitoes.)
"Hmmm..maybe they tried to kill the mosquitoes but they accidentaly triggered the fire alarm",I thought.
Then, I saw people coming out from rooms moving towards the stairs. I went to my classroom and I saw nobody there. Fine, maybe there is a fire. I went down and I saw people gathered around the physic science's building. Smoke was coming out from the roof top. The fireman, policeman and the the ambulans were all there.

My coursemate asked me why there's only smoke and no fire. Why on earth the physic building is on fire but not the chemistry building?
The students remained calm and they stood there as if it was an interesting event.

start snapping pictures and recording videos pula..

The best part is I called up my EST teacher and she canceled the class. She thought it was a fire and we told her that they will take a long time to clean up the mess ! lol
The question is, is there really a fire ? or it is another kawad kebakaran ?


darryl said...

our uni had fire drill yesterday also, and the worst part is that it happens during the test! ARGH.. and now we'll have to resit another paper.. JUST BECAUSE THIS WEEK IS MID SEM TEST WEEK, MANY PPL ATTEND UNI, they have this stupid fire drill.. =.=

IuhniX said...

ahhaa.they choose the wrong timing. smart betul maybe they sengaja want u all to resit for d paper

darryl said...

students : wrong timing

lecturer : right timing

IuhniX said...

wait...why will the lecturer said right timing at the first placE?
they have to set the new set of questions for the test right ?