Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I bid stpm goodbye !

I went back to kgv to collect my stpm result with kai jia, soong and kal son .By the way, kai jia drove us there. We meet up with chee yang, poow,ming hau and choon siong there.

aaawww..I miss form six block !

It used to be our favourite hang-out spot !

I miss school activities though..even though the activities in kgv sucks.

We headed down to pd right after lunch.

The girls were playing with cameras as usual
and...the guys headed down to the beach
spot them ! hahaa
Then soong wrote something on the sand -"bye stpm, I love you" those evil baby crab.............
....scares them away
We went back to seremban around 5pm and had our dinner together. After that, I went yam cha with ah mee at the senawang' mcD. Guess what ? We chatted from 830pm till 130am ! We had our supper and breakfast there. Ugggghh..I had mcD 3 times in a row !
I bid my final goodbye to stpm !


e l e i d e s s said...

love the pd pics.

take care.

iuhnix said...

thanx ning
take care too
btw, i like ur mandarin post

NOT zhi han said...

bye bye...

iuhnix said...

yeah zhi han, its OVER NOW !