Sunday, March 9, 2008

random 21

I met with three person I knew two years ago recently..

The first person is a malay girl called Zila. I tak cam her at the first place. She looked at me as I passed by giordano not long ago. Then, question came into my mind- "Who is she ?why is this malay girl looking at me like that ?"..After that, she asked me "you ingat i tak ?"..I'm like " zila,kan ?"..We both laughed ! =) She's having a good life now and she has a son called Denise(quite big size for a 8 month old boy)..His mom told me that he's taking all her nutrient away from her and that's the reason why she became so slim ("bagi susu ibu la.."she told me)

The second person is a malay guy -Pak Kasim a.k.a Helmi. He's from jb and I have no idea why he appear at jusco 2 weeks ago.I told Sarah that he looked familiar to me as he walked in. He actually remember the both of us...isssh..tak sangka ni.. "apa cerita kamu pula ?" he asked. We chatted for quite long before he lefted..He is a funny guy btw...oh yeah..he even taught me how to play goft before !

The last person is Ain, my ex-colleague. I miss that girl so much ! She started work on the same day as me 2 years ago..yeah..She's the first colleague I get along with..We had those bittersweet moment together..She's a bit gila-gila but that girl is getting married soon *finally* I'm happy for her =)

p/s: I'm really glad that our life did cross each other even if it is for a short period.


genieve said...

soo nice!
i always love unexpected reunion.

iuhnix said... too ! full of suprise