Friday, April 18, 2008

pd trip/kai jia's 20th birthday

Day 1
We started our pd trip with 4 crazy cards player(Ming Hau,poow, choon siong and soong). They played "chor dai di". The loser kena disimbah air by the winner. The others just sit there and watched them play. It was quite entertaining.Then, we headed down to the beach.

Beach boy and beach girl in action
The birthday girl,kai jia kena bullied by the guys

We had bbq at night. Lee chan king, vincent and chai kok lye came and joined us at night. Soong suggested to bury kai jia. The three of them drew a human shape on the sand and began to dig.
They just want to make sure kai jia can fit into it.Done !
Kai jia keep complaining that the human-shape-hole is not comfortable, this and that.
After that, it was choon siong's turn. His birthday falls on april. So, he's the belated birthday boy.
We went back to our apartment around 11pm ? I don't really remember.
(We lighted the candle while kai jia was bathing. So, just ignore the towel.)
Day 2
We played heart attack with the whipped cream.
Can see the cream on poow's face? haha..Me, soong and choon siong were the winner since we didn't kena denda.

went jalan-jalan cari hutan bakau near the royal yatch club

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI JIA !

p/s : remember to bring your pendrive when we go yam cha if you want the photos and videos !

The end




waihong said...

Aikssss long time din comment your blog adi.
The pic is really funny especially the 'wat tat' ...make me so jlous!

waihong said...
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darryl said...

very nice and looks like fun!! those were the dayss? ARGHH!! i miss hanging out with my beloved friends!!

genieve said...

i want pd too! i want to be buried in sand.

i want the kiss during sunset.

mingjie, nvmlar, we both go and bury ourselves..

iuhnix said...

-->wai hong
siapa suruh kamu sembunyikan diri kat ipoh ? come back lar..
--> darryl& gen
all you need is a return ticket to malaysia. Then, we can go pd immediately ! pd is so near from sban =)

kaijia said...

gen, being buried is not really tat fun...
the sand is cold.. plus there can be crabs or anything like tat there.. pretty scary...

iuhnix said...

-->kai jia
u r enjoying urself right?plus d crab wun live in d dry sand.