Sunday, April 20, 2008

19042008-part one

Enrolment day was held on 19042008.
Luckily we are not the oldest batch there because chan wai theng was there.
Those who went : Me, soong, shu kien,kai jia, chan,chin sean, hwee hsin and annie.
I saw lots of familiar faces there.
okay, back to the ceremony

It started of with the opening ceremony- by tan jie guan.

Then, the every-year-must-have choir performance by the form one members.

followed by speech given by teacher advisor, principal and the vip.

laluan ikrar by the new members. I must say that little boy is pretty smart. He forgot the third principle for the humanitarian law(berkecuali) and he quickly replaced it by "kepercayaan",which is suppose to be in the Rukun Negara.

slideshowsthe bookletthe souvenirthe not-very-traditional-chinese-dance

okay, about the sketch
Do you remember the sketch we did 3 years ago for our rc seniors' farewell ? the miss uniworst 2004?
For this year, they did "miss acs 2008" which is very similar to our version.

For our version, we have meaner judge and better emcee.oh yeah, better script as well. Credits to Ms.Beatrice Ho.

For their version, they have a very good guy emcee, a very annoying girl and an unforgettable character (the guy wearing black and red stripes singlet).

I'm going to show you all the audition part.
They have contestants from...........



the Hawaiian "twin sister"

and Japan.

The Q&A section.

The finalist are suppose to sing "twinkle twinkle little star" but....

I don't know about you all but I think the Hawaiian "girl" is very good as he is not the sissy guy in reality.

Enough for the sketch. They have terrible hiphop dance. The dancers look as if they didn't eat for days. I never see people dance hiphop like that before. I mean acsian can usually dance well but not this time.

p/s: I wanted to combine the videos into a single video. I did combine it but I couldn't upload it on youtube. It says connection failure.

coming up next :gathering night.

stay tune.

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darryl said...

walao!! so nice can go back to ACS!! I miss ACS liow lo..

tsk tsk.. sien. The "not so traditional dance" made me laughed till sakit perut!! haha..

iuhnix said...

acs change a lot la..u will b dissappointed! sakit perut ?got so serious a not ?aiyoo

iuhnix said...

acs change a lot la..u will b dissappointed! sakit perut ?got so serious a not ?aiyoo

genieve said...

is the adviser still cp?

no offence la, but she has to retire at some point right?

iuhnix said...

yeah,she's retiring in few years time.