Tuesday, May 27, 2008

random 23

It's June next month
June is the month when I know where am I heading to
I have three weeks before my university result come out
People start asking me the same question
"What if you didn't get the course you want in local uni ?"
"What if the universities you applied for didn't accept you at all?"
I've avoid these question since the day I recieved my STPM result
"let it be..let it be.." was my favourite quote
But, the answer can't be so simple anymore
I need to think of plan B and plan C
stop asking me question that makes me feel like slapping myself for 2168793566 times
stop asking me question that makes me feel guilty
I don't need you to tell me that I didn't do much for my tertiary education.
I don't need you to tell me that I shouldn't sit and wait.

p/s:I want to be happy in these few weeks.
I will call/msn you about the hangout details.


Fevernut said...

would it help if i told you you're not the only one feeling like this.

ryn said...

hey... dont worry about it.. i felt the same when i was awaiting for my SAM results..damn scare coz i only apply for 1 uni.if i dun get it i hafta study locally. i was so stress for days... sumore had to work. n no1 to talk to:D we all have been i your shoes. jz hope for the best and let it come.

+ Ning Shing + said...

i scare of it too but i just let it be like wat u said!yes we need to enjoy tis few weeks b4 the result out!so lets hang out on sat?lolz...

iuhnix said...

I guess it is the problem almost every stpm leavers will face.good luck !

heheee..thanks caryn !

yeah..this saturday ! we must must have fun !