Friday, May 30, 2008

The guys went shopping

First, they shopped for clothes after the bowling session.
"let's take picture of us wearing the blazer!"
"okay..1,2,3 !"
"aiks..we don't look handsome enough in the picture.please take it again."
"huh ?okaaayyy.."
"hmmm..this is much better"
Mr.GohChoonSiong and Mr.FooMingHau.

Then, they went osim to try out the massage chair.

After that, we went jusco for lunch at 4pm. Kai Jia joined us. We don't have a group picture. I got a video of cheeyang a.k.a the birthday guy recorded by kai jia but I'm too lazy to upload.
The birthday cake -sugar free moist chocolate cake from secret recipe. We watched Indiana Jones after lunch. Yeah,we went window shopping after the movie.They were looking for new specs, new bags and new shoes. No ladies baju this time. I was with four guys and we only went to the male department.

We headed home after that. It seems like they had lots of fun. lol


darryl said...

HAPPY BURFDAY CHEEYANG!!! sorry i donno your bday adi. haiz.. miss you guys la. thanks xin hui for updating. i dont know what else i can do to connect with you guys in msia. really miss miss miss miss

ryn said...

i miss my 2 fave guy!!! haha...where's the bday guy pic lar!!

IuhniX said...

you are welcome,ryl !
We were rushing so no pic of the birthday guy,ryN !