Saturday, June 28, 2008


I quote her " I can really feel that you guys are leaving now."

That's how I felt yesterday night.
The big family is scattered all around Malaysia by next week.

Chai Mee - uniMAP, Perlis.
Beverlyn - UUM, Kedah.
Phoong - UMP, Pahang.
See Yoon Wang - USM, Penang.
Wye Lyng, Poow, Siah- UPM, Serdang.
Ning Shing,Kal-Son and William - UM.
Chee Yang and Choon Siong- NTU.
Ming Hau - UMS, Sabah .
Lin Siew - UMT, Terengganu.
Sammy and Bong- UTM, Johor.
Kai Jia- IMU, Bukit Jalil.

Soong- MMU, Cyberjaya.
Grandpa - Sunway college.

Time flies. I still remember the day we finish our STPM, our Genting trip, Pd trip, Penang trip and gathering.We watch people come and go. Now, six months is like *poof*.

Ah mee/my greatgranddaughter/yamcha partner/shopping partner
Take care !! I'm glad that you are still in Malaysia because I can still random message you when I'm free. I hope the letter will help you because I plan to do the same thing also. Don't step foot into Thailand so often. It was a stupid suggestion and your mom will kill me when she knows about it. lol

Wye Lyng/Ning Shing/See/Lin Siew/ Siah
Study hard and we can go Penang during our holiday !! Remember the stuff we talked about that day. Wye Lyng, forget about your brilliant plan. Tell me if the plan really works. Remember to inform me if you are going to open a tuition center.Lin Siew (if you are reading this), we will wait for you at Midvalley this coming October. =)

Kai Jia
Enjoy iron your shirt la..hahaha..Oh yeah, you need to do housework also. Remember not to cook for yourself because you might burn the whole apartment up! Nah..I'm juz joking. All the best in your studies lah..

Chee yang and Choon Siong
Please don't come back as a twins next time. Oh yeah..don't turn yourself into a contractor, Mr.Potato ! Have fun in NTU and remember not to go 游花园 together at night or else....

Remember what you said just now !
Wai Hong says:if u come i gv u the whole room oso nvm

and you can't stand woman with lipstick and high heels ? haha..You are so so so going to die there !

Chan and May lyn

Good luck to both of you !

Okay people, I need to stop here. I have to pack my stuff now. Yeah, tomorrow is a brand new life !!

Take care my dear friends.I will miss all of you! I can't wait till the end of this year.

p/s: Thanks Hao Tim for the discounts. lol I will miss you since we had....*ahem* knew each other for so long. hahaa..


darryl said...

walao.. like last letter lytat. Haiz.. must be very sad for all of you to separate. T.T

All the best to you in your new life xin hui. Take care and enjoy your new phase of life okay?

iuhnix said...

yeah.Thanks darryl !"tian xia you bu san zi yan xi" ma !