Tuesday, June 24, 2008

quick updates!

I'm sick of buying stuff !!!
I got my offer letter last Wednesday and I was busy with my preparation to university. oohhhmyyy..I'm so sick of buying stuff for uni. There's too many rules for me to follow. For example, I'm only allow to wear formal wear or baju kurung for exam. Jeans and t-shirt are not allowed in certain areas.*sigh* Yeah, shorts must be bawah paras lutut. For your information, I don't have shorts bawah lutut and I don't have formal wear either.
I went shopping with Wye Lyng. We went to KM Plaza to shop for baju kurung.Yeah, UKM wants blue colour baju kurung and only blue colour baju kurung is allowed during orientation week.

Soong 's birthday celebration at Hawaiian Steak House. This is the prefect family picture of all the sixth formers.
I spent the whole afternoon at May Lyn's house transferring photos from the Penang trip.We have to delete some of the photos because a 2GB pendrive is not enough for us to save all the photo. lol

I went shopping at Bukit Bintang area(with Wye Lyng) and Midvalley(with Chai Mee). Yeah, not forget to mention the 6 Izzudin small gathering at Hawaiian Steak House and Al-Wazer. Don't ever try the Ais Kacang at Al-Wazer. Never !!We had a great time together as we spent most of the time laughing and dicussing what to bring to university. Good Luck, my friends !!

From left: Ning Shing, me, Yoon Wang, Lin Siew and Jiuh Wong.

From left: Ning Shing, Wye Lyng, Yoon Wang, Lin Siew and Jiuh Wong.
I went to Bank Islam to open an account there. I saw some of the sixth formers from Stad and SPI..and and..not forgetting Phoong, Devi and Nadzirah. Phew ~ We have to wait so long to open an account.Then, I met the guys at poow's house to help them out in the PTPTN application. I didn't help much though. Guess what?I got my PTPTN loan but my mom told me that I don't have to apply for it.

I got my X-ray at Gill X-ray. I saw Poow and kal-son there. Yeah, not to forget more shopping session with my mom, chai mee and wye lyng. hahaa..I had fun the whole day! Chai Mee look good in her baju kurung.

Got to go now..I will blog more after I settle my stuff. One week is not enough !


kaijia said...

all of u seems to be very busy preparing to enter uni... gambateh!!!!! good luck and all the best in uni gurl....

iuhnix said...

i pk adi la..damn cham now

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

dont pk first la. i want to ajak you all go shopping leh. yerrr. :P

i wanna see you in baju kurung

iuhnix said...

aku sudah pk sangat

matilah ku =(