Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Let's put it this way..

I want
Bachelor of Dietetics Science with Honours from USM
I thought I got
Bachelor of Nutrition Science with Honours from UKM
After I check for a several times,
I'm very sure that I actually got
Bachelor of Science with Honours (Food Science and Nutrition) from UKM.
Get the idea now ? So, any advice?
The course I got is a 3 years course and I'll be major in food science which is very different from the one I wanted(dietetics). Yeah, only 30% similar to what I want. I need advice !!


~YM~ said...

lol.. its the same thing everytime.. i got 2 frens who had CGPA 3.75 got this offer 2 years back. One of them is studying in UKM the same course. It's not under allied health faculty, it's in faculty of science and technology.(FST)

Maybe the requirement got higher and higher, cos I tot nutrition need at least CGPA 3.84 at least... (some got in with 3.75 with good co-cu, which was a controversional thingie)

it depends also on ur parents' financial status, cos the other fren of mine that got the offer went to do dentistry in AIMST. n_n"

acura said...

Hi i am from UKM & one of my senior is taking this course. It is under FST or Fakulti Sains & Teknologi as stated by ym. And the duration is 4 years not 3 just so you know ^~^

Cyren Z. Wong said...

I don't get it...are you on scholarship or something? Because normally if you apply and don't get the course you want, they usually don't put something else up for grabs.

Ola amigos!

I suppose you could always write an appeal in to the university I guess.

Otherwise, unless you parents can pull you out to go do it in...I dunnoe Australia or something (that's what my friend is doing. She's giving up on our international studies course and going straight to Aussie for her dietetics instead. ) And considering, I don't think it is THAT difficult to get into it there coz she got in and no problem at all.

However, if you're like some people who don't mind, you can always go ahead and do what they give you anyway. You never may learn to like it. I know a guy who wanted to get into medicine but got thrust in to psychology (not even psychiatry which would have been close to medicine) and decided to stick with it. And he had great fun doing it. He said he would have regretted if he pulled out and went along with medicine because he enjoyed doing psychology so much that he ended up continuing into phD and now is a doctor. Now how about that huh? (^.^)

But of course most of us prefer to "find out things" on our own. No one likes being trust into something that you don't want to. Because really, who actually knows if we will end up likin' it or not? Still, it all depends on whether your mum and dad got the cash to give you that extra bit of flexibility. Sometimes we just gotta go with the flow I suppose.

Anyways, that's all
I got for you. Sorry if it's not very helpful...but every bit counts right? Right?


Sewjin said...

hello, i'm from UTM but i guess every student who has entered the public uni faces the same problem or has a friend with similar troubles.

~ym~'s last sentence regarding financial status is actually the only thing i recommend you consider:

if your parents can afford: go private uni, get the exact course you want.

if your parents cannot afford: just take it. it's close to what you want anyways :)

but if you are still persistent, just appeal to the uni of your choice or even take it up to dean himself.

anyways good luck to you, whatever your choice may be! :D

+ Ning Shing + said...

u have to think carefully!its about ur future!maybe u shud discuss with ur parents.Actually in Uni, u can learn alots of thing and u will have fun 1 even though i havent get through it!but i think it will be a sweet memory!so think carefully!

iuhnix said...

yeah..If I want to study nutrition course in a more well-known uni, I need a cgpa of 4.0 and only a few local uni offer this course.thanks for ur advice. Btw, for me to study dietetics in imu(the only choice), i need 112k.

4 years ? I thought 3 years. The one under heath faculty is 4 years but the one under fst is 3 years.

:cyren z.wong
Yeah,every bit counts and I do appreciate your comment as you've spent a lot of time on it.The good news is I'm going to give it a try. Maybe I'll like it. Will consider switching to imu if the course didn't suit me at all. oh gawd, I dislike labwork ! hahaa..

My dad told me that I could do the course I want in private uni. Well, 112k is a large sum and I can use the money to do my master or phd in the future. right?I will try to appeal.It's not easy but I'll try

:ning shing
I've made up my mind.I will try to appeal and see how thing goes.

Last but not least,thanks for your advice, nuffnangers!

darryl said...

Go for it, i say. A lot of my friends got into it and love it. Hope it's the same case for you.