Friday, June 20, 2008

Penang-toy museum+ gurney drive

Toy Museum is in our Malaysian's Record. If you are that kind of person who watch cartoon since young, you should not miss this place. They have special limited edition Barbie dolls, Pokemons, Disney cartoons' character, Star Trek, Star Wars, Matrix, Sailormoon, The Incredibles, Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, Superman, Lara Croft,Ninja Turtle, Smurf and....(a total of 100,000 collection)You name it, they have it.

p/s: I filtered all the photos already. You will not see those vain pic taken by all of us. *evil laugh*
Beatrice, you will fall in love with toy museum.

Indiana Jones !!!!

King Kong

Looney Tunes
Brother BearMe and my favourite Baloo.
The pyramid themed toilet
The Harry Potter chess set

We took a lot of dai b pictures here but I'm not going to upload Never !hancurlah imej kita orang ni..The entrance fees is RM10, which is quite expensive.

Dinner @ Gurney Drive

Shark Fin mailto:soup@RM5 -not nice at all
Penang Laksa @ RM3.50


darryl said...

bei lei yam ging zao lei mm yam, you yam fat zao ah?

ARGH!! Penang food is poison to my heart now.. LOL

Eh, how come u so nice de, sini pergi sana pergi, i thought mummy also start uni adi, you havent start yours meh? how's life?

iuhnix said...

gonna register next sunday ! ur mummy mmu ma..I'm busy now..busy shopping for this and that.have to do medical checkup week is not enough for me=(