Friday, June 13, 2008

Penang -Day One

I went backpacking with my fellow pals(Kai Jia, May Lyn, Chan,Chee yang,Ming Hau, Choon Siong, Kal-Son and Wai Hong).
Kai Jia gave us a mission that is to take as much photo as possible and we did it pretty well. We took more than 500 pictures with 3 digicam.We reached Butterworth around 530am and it rained.

Then, we walked across the road to the jetty.
The ferry is huge compared to the one at pangkor.
The seats in the ferry. I saw students doing homework in the ferry. We walked to cititel penang from the jetty. It took us more than 30 minutes. We should have take the rapid bus. We reached cititel penang and they let us check in !(without any extra charges) awesome ! The staff there are quite friendly.
There's something we learn from the penang-lang. We must bargain with them when we buy stuff from them. The bus tickets cost RM45 plus transportation fees to Sg.Nibung but we bought it at RM40. Another lady told us that she would sell us the ticket at the price of RM38 after we bought our bus tickets.
Our first destination- Kek Lok Si.
It is better to go there during weekdays and not school holidays. There's not much customer and it is the best time to bargain. If the price is too high, all you have to do is walk away and the vendors will pull down the price for you. Remember, the further you walk, the price will be lower.

We pay RM 3 to get into the pagoda.
The name of this cat is threehundredandfifty. The lady told us that it went to the vet once and it cost them RM350. Hence, they named it 350.
On the tram to the statue of Kuan Yin.(Note: Someone got a new haircut.)

It was raining when we reach Kek Lok Si.Guess what ? We spent almost 3 hours at Kek Lok Si. We took lots of picture but the pictures is not with me.

Then, we walked to our second destination - Penang Hill from Kek Lok Si. The man told us that the journey will take 25 minutes but it depends on the strength of our legs.
The rapid bus driver spotted us and he offered us a ride. He is a very very very nice driver.
They were all wet. They went to see the canopy and they decided to walk the 2km canopy after bargain with the staff there. Yes, they paid only RM3 for the RM5 entrance fee.Well, Chan and I decided not to walk with them to the canopy. We sat at the pondok while waiting for them. Malang tidak berbau, it rained again. Not drizzling this time but hujan lebat lebat. Both of us got to the place where we were suppose to wait for the train before raining while the seven of them stucked at the canopy walk.

Third destination -Dinner at the road below Sunway Hotel. We walk again from Cititel Penang to Sunway Hotel. The food there is much tastier compared to the food at Gurney Drive.
Curry mee
Popiah at RM1.20 each.
Penang laksa @ RM3.
Bo bo cha cha
Oh Chien/ fried oyster -must-try food if you happen to be there.
Ais Kacang @ RM3.50. This is good according to Kai Jia. She said this is the best ais kacang she had.
Curry Chee Cheong Fun.
Char Kuey Teow @ RM3. We tried Char Kuey Teow from three places and this one is the best !
The end of day one.


A-mee said...

syok betul

iuhnix said...

heheheee..u had fun also la..shud let you see kai jia's video.damn funny! haha..and you should see d fight between ur dad and ur aunt !they had blanket fight

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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Beatrice said...

OMG...this is torture man...There's a very very good Malaysian restaurant in Parramata(town where Ryan lives...which is like 40 minutes drive to my place) and the food there is good...but a bit pricey...Ahd you guys get so so so much better such low prices...IS THERE ANY JUSTICE IN THE WORLD!!!

Oh..btw, I found a restuarant that sells roti planta!!! It was such joy...But not tried it out yet though...Cost only AUD6.50 only ma...*voice dripping with sarcasm*..

iuhnix said...

on the same single bed. hahaha..I don't know whether may lyn got the video or not.they sit and fight.not standing..
haha..Beat, you should learn to cook malaysian now !!!! omg ! I can have 20 pieces of roti planta in malaysia at that price! haha..Well, the price at aust is higher as they need to import ingredient from msia. dah tambah air ticket and airport tax dah

darryl said...

AH... Torment.. excruciating torture!!

I want Malaysian, no.. PENANG food!! I miss them now that i see them. HAHA

You all so syiok hor, go tour in penang.. how i wish i can join. anyway, going to Uni soon hor, so must enjoy gau gau.. LOL

iuhnix said...

haha..yeah true
I will enjoy posting malaysian food up ! hahaha

genieve said...

I get jealous everytime I see your blog.

I want penang food lah!!!!!!!!!!

I had enough of australia.

kaijia said...

cendol is the best in penang!!!!

Beatrice said...

Yeah...if I start cooking Malaysian food...I think my white hairs will sprout more...Lol...Just now when scrolling down this blog...I had to look away from the was like automatic reflex of my body trying to protect itself...Lol...

darryl said...

LOL.. beatrice, how i wish i have the same reflex your body has! but the most my brain did was make myself salivate and drooled.. zz

Gen, try cooking malaysian food!

IuhniX said...

hahha..okay.I shall post the food post in a different post. Then, you can choose to read or not..