Monday, June 16, 2008

Penang- Peranakan Mansion & Khoo Kongsi

We wanted to go Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion at the first place but the entrance fees is a bit pricey(RM12). Hence, we change our destination to Peranakan Mansion. If you want to ask for direction, just mention "the nyonya place" and they will lead you to the Peranakan Mansion.

Our tour guide is Mr.Ooi. He did a very good job in explaining every single details in the mansion. We took quite a number of pictures here but they are not with me. So, I will only show you what I have lah.

The english setting wedding room

The camera
View from the first floor

Floor from Scotland

The english setting dining room with chinese background

The place where they pray their ancestor

Oh man, Peranakan Mansion is the must visit place when you happen to be at Penang. You can see the mansion's owner antique collections.There's glassware from England, gold necklace/bangle from the early 19th century and etc.

Location: Church Street

Khoo Kongsi

The guys were wondering what's the use of this.Hmmm..What do you think ?

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