Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's the meaning of pabome ?

I'm bored and I got nothing to do.
I was reading my message history with Mr.Want-to-know-it-all.
Apparently, he analyse the meaning of pabome for me, which is so not true.

apa tu pabome ?
emobap ?
emo- babi - pabome
then pabome = emobap
so .. itz a very very name
pa bo me
pa = scared
bo = no
me = ME !
scared no me
no lar
tats hokkien
means what ?
pabome means what in hokkien ? =( tell larrr
not hokkien la..
hakka !
pa = papa
bo = bobo
me = meme
APATU >>....
tell lar ...

I wonder if Mr.Want-to-know-it-all still remember about this.
awwww..I miss msn with him nowadays. I had so much fun torturingtalking to him.
p/s: What's the meaning of pabome ? It will remain as mystery. hehehee..


darryl said...

wa.. your update speed increase liow lei.. cant catch up.. XD

the pic at your sidebar is very beautiful. is that in genting? christmas? i miss msia now.. T.T

Pabome.. is a type of food. a food that makes me wanna sleep. XD (write out of my feeling)

iuhnix said...

fyi the pic at my sidebar was there since months only you get to notice it.sigh..I guess you are too UPDATED,ryl